Previous Winners

Holiday/Camping Winner

Julie V, QLD

19 January 2022

Ranger Raptor & Jet Ski Winner

Greg B, TAS

23 December 2021 

$2,500 Cash Winner

Kelly Taudevin, VIC

8 December 2021 

$2,500 Cash Winner

Adrian M, VIC

25 November 2021

$2,500 Cash Winner

Anthony Som, ACT

17 November 2021

Landcruiser & Camper Winner

Zoe Campbell, NSW

31 October 2021

1st Luxury Escapes Gift Voucher Winner

Jemma Cromb, VIC

14 October 2021

2nd Luxury Escapes Gift Voucher Winner

Fran B, QLD

14 October 2021

$5,000 Cash Winner

Zac Bowden, ACT

19 September 2021

$5,000 Cash Winner

Taig Kellock, VIC

5 September 2021

$5,000 Cash Winner

Christopher Dean, WA

28 August 2021

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Studio 10 – IgniteHQ & Lifeline

Rewards with a cause.

Charities and social campaigns we support.

When you join Ignite HQ not only do you get access to our rewards platform and go into the running to win lifechanging prizes but you also help support great causes through our charity partners. Ignite HQ believes in helping others and one of the most important charities we have identified is Lifeline. Ignite HQ is committed to donating 5% of our gross revenue to Lifeline Australia.

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